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Decolonising Peace Education in Africa

Decolonising Education for Peace in Africa

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Research Outputs

Participant Outputs

Image to show unity of diverse races and cultures

Image 1: Unity of diverse races/cultures as a symbol of peace

Image to show evolution of society's behaviuor, habits and customs

Image 2: Photograph to show the evolution of society's values in changing behaviour, habits and customs

“From the photographs, it is intended to portray the process of evolution of society's values ​​in changing behaviour, habits, and customs.

Show the importance of preserving values, especially accepting changes in the process of evolution to guarantee/improve the well-being of society (In the context of preserving our identity even with the transformation of values).”



Image of a tree in the Provincial Parliament

Image 3: Image of a tree in the Provincial Parliament

An image of a tree in the Provincial Parliament, in which despite it representing a place of power and oppression, with the image we can verify that it is a place of freedom for all, one place of reflection of Peace.