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Decolonising Peace Education in Africa

Decolonising Education for Peace in Africa

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Proof of Concept Projects

The first strand of work will see African Country partners in Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe working with their UK partners to deliver Proof of Concept projects.  Building on work in the Contextualising Peace Education project (AHRC-funded Development Award), the projects will work within local communities to identify location-specific meanings of peace by using arts and humanities research method.

The Proof of Concept projects will be developed to reflect the urgency of the issue of decolonisation of peace education in the partner countries. Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe have been at the centre of demands for anti-Eurocentric knowledges in Africa in different ways. This knowledge is required for addressing the concerns of local and displaced populations in all three partner countries. In Uganda, the scale of the refugee population and the recent very rapid rise in numbers along with the shifting attitudes towards those most affected by violence and conflict makes the need for education compelling.

Each Proof of Concept project involves collaboration between an African and UK partner.