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Decolonising Peace Education in Africa

Decolonising Education for Peace in Africa

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The Decolonising Education for Peace in Africa project (DEPA) is, through a multi-faceted approach, developing
 a network of projects, educators, researchers, policymakers, NGO’s and other stakeholders. 

The project aims to have a direct long-term impact by providing the first set of research and teaching
 materials which are produced through a South-North partnership to alter research and teaching in peace education from a global South perspective. Researchers will have a lasting resource as the data will be archived for free, easy re-use. 


Burundi, DRC & Belgium Map Icon 


Common values: overcoming Arab-Berber identity conflict in Algerian communities
through indigenous arts (storytelling, medih-singing, artefacts, and dialogue)

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Burundi, DRC & Belgium Map Icon

 Burundi, DRC & Belgium

Capturing fluid borders and pluriversal visions of peace on the Tanganyika Lake Coast
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Cameroon Map Icon 


Political order as an essential ingredient of peace and security
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Decolonizing Peace Education: gender-based violence and health in Ethiopia (DEPA-GBVH)
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Ghana Map Icon 


Decolonisation Strategies and Reclaiming Local Agency: unmasking and addressing internal coloniality
and social marginalisation in Ghanaian contexts - a case study of Old Fadama and Presec-La

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Kenya Map Icon 


Peacebuilding through higher education in emergencies (AHEEN-DEPA)
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Mozambique Map Icon 


Transknowledge and PhotoVoice for activism and peacebuilding in Mozambique
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Nigeria Map Icon


Envisioning Glavda communities storytelling and art for peacebuilding, justice, and healing.
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Sierra Leone Map Icon

Sierra Leone

Salone DEPA (Salone Decolonising Education for Peace in Africa)
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South Africa Map Icon

South Africa

Refugee and host community tensions (xenophobia) in South Africa
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South Africa and Mozambique Map Icon

South Africa and Mozambique

Decolonising Peace Education: Change Makers Programme
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Uganda Map Icon


Arts-based methods of education, empowerment of refugees and hosting communities
to bridge peace divides and build peace

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Zambia Map Icon 


The Creative Economic Potential of Cultural Heritage: explorations with teachers in Choma, Zambia
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Zimbabwe Map Icon


Understanding local peace practices using crafts and intergenerational interviews among the Tonga people
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