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Decolonising Peace Education in Africa

Decolonising Education for Peace in Africa

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The study has laid the groundwork for various multimedia outputs, including documentaries and illustrated storybooks, which can have a broader outreach beyond academic circles, including:

  • Educational impact: The project's educational resources can be pivotal in teaching younger generations about Algerian diverse cultural heritage and its significance in promoting peace across communities. These resources can be integrated into school curricula or used in extracurricular activities to instil values for peace, conflict resolution, and leadership skills.
  • Influence on policy and curriculum: The educational outputs can influence educational curriculum development to consider more diverse indigenous knowledge, art, and pedagogies. This potentially can lead to a more inclusive and holistic education system.
  • Cultural preservation: By documenting and sharing the Algerian art heritage, the project contributes to the preservation and revitalization of ancestors’ art heritage and linguistic diversity. This can help combat cultural loss and ensure that these art forms are carried forward by future generations.
  • Bridging gaps and promotion of dialogue: By encompassing diverse linguistic communities and regions, the study aims to enhance mutual understanding, foster inter-communal dialogue, and promote unity in diversity. This research positions art as a powerful medium to address contentious topics, identify shared values, and champion peaceful coexistence among Algeria's varied linguistic communities.