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Decolonising Peace Education in Africa

Decolonising Education for Peace in Africa

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The DEPA project has been an enlightening exploration for the researcher, illuminating the depths of Algeria's rich cultural heritage. This exploration of ancestral art and traditions has fostered a renewed appreciation for inclusivity and the wealth of diversity that is missed in the researcher’s Algerian formal schooling journey from primary to university.

Key insights from this research journey include:

  • Unity in diversity: Despite the country's vast geographical landscape and apparent identity sensitivities, the exploration revealed foundational values within the art heritage of communities from both North and South, highlighting a shared cultural essence that transcends ethnic and linguistic differences, epitomizing unity in diversity.
  • Deep cultural significance: Algerian art heritage in this study, spanning traditional stories, melodies, and poetry, holds significant weight in conveying peace values across communities. This underscores the imperative of preserving and championing ancestors’ knowledge.
  • Endangered oral traditions: The study access journey demonstrates how challenging it is to find elders who are still able to share their ancestors’ heritage and community Wisdom. Elders possess a wealth of knowledge that has persisted across generations but remains largely untapped in educational resources. Alarmingly, the risk of losing this invaluable oral heritage grows as these elders pass on, emphasizing the urgency of documentation and preservation.