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Decolonising Peace Education in Africa

Decolonising Education for Peace in Africa

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Outcome and Impacts

The following is envisaged for the avenues of dissemination; however, consultation will be held with participants in order to ensure that the relevant avenues for dissemination have been followed. 

For soundscapes, artists performed a concert in a local community hall, further, soundscapes will be presented in an OER at Unisa.  PhotoVoice will display images in an exhibition at the Holocaust Centre in Johannesburg as well as at Unisa art gallery.  The OER will involve dissemination on an international scale, i.e. the OER will be made available on the Unisa library’s repository, and the link to such a resource will be communicated with all relevant stakeholders.  It is envisaged that education students should be exposed to such an OER, however, access to the OER will not be limited to Unisa education students only, but will be made available to an international audience.  Furthermore, in order to assist with dissemination of the content to those who do not necessarily have access to such resources, alternative modes of dissemination is also being investigated.  The outcomes of the secondary educator workshops will be communicated in a popular educator circular, written to cater to the secondary education audience. 

All of the data collected will further be communicated to the academic community at large through publication in academic journals and presentations at conferences, both local and international.  The information will further be placed on institutional repositories of Unisa and the OU UK.  The language of dissemination will be in English, alongside the sound-clips and photographs created, but after consultation with the participants, this might be translated into any one of the eleven national languages of South Africa, in order to reach a larger audience.