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Decolonising Peace Education in Africa

Decolonising Education for Peace in Africa

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One of the research methodologies used by the DEPA project is PhotoVoice.  Here we provide some examples of the images created by our research participants, along with explanatory text.


We can write with a full pen. The empty pen, however, does not write. Women who have been victims of gender-based violence become empty and we must give them hope for a full life. 

Photo by secondary school student.

Even for women who have faced violence and difficult circumstances, there will be bright ways to achieve success, like the light at end of this road. Photo by local artist.

This shell was used to shield the animal from the enemy. Women need societal protection from gender-based violence.

Photo by university student.

A lightbulb is easily damaged or broken. We protect it from potentially damaging materials as well as rain. Women need to be protected too.  

Photo by youth volunteer

South Africa

Big city life photovoice photograph

Big City Life

I only saw ‘Call your mother’ after I looked at the photo – it made me want to cry – the big city life can swallow you up but then out of the blue it can send you a message, make you see that this is life and it is good.     

Hustling to Sell PhotoVoice photograph

Hustling to Sell

When you come to a new city, nothing is easy, your always looking money, trying to get a job to get work to sell.  The hustle is hard but when you make the sale or get the job and have money in your pocket there is peace.

My Secret Place PhotoVoice photograph

My secret Place

It's a secret.