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Decolonising Peace Education in Africa

Decolonising Education for Peace in Africa

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The collective impact of the DEPA projects in South Africa extends far beyond academic research, resonating deeply within the communities they engaged. By tapping into local artistry, youthful perspectives, and educational insights, the projects catalyzed important dialogues around peace and conflict that transcended traditional barriers of age, profession, or social standing. For instance, the Soundscapes Project led to spontaneous community discussions about safety, while the viral photograph from the Photovoice Project inspired grassroots initiatives focused on youth and mental health. Similarly, the Teachers Workshop provided a new framework that has begun to reshape how peace education is approached in low-income schools. These ripple effects showcase the transformative potential of research that is not only multidisciplinary but also rooted in community participation, setting a precedent for how academic initiatives can effectively contribute to social change.