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Decolonising Peace Education in Africa

Decolonising Education for Peace in Africa

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Teachers Workshops

The South African DEPA team hosted an impactful Teachers Workshop aimed at educators teaching Life Orientation in low-income schools. The focus was squarely on a crucial, yet often overlooked, subject: teaching peace in the classroom. Through interactive sessions, teachers and DEPA experts engaged in a dynamic exchange of experiences and strategies. The outcome of this workshop was a collaboratively developed framework that provided actionable, practical methods for incorporating peace education into the classroom setting. Ideas ranged from curriculum adjustments to hands-on activities designed to foster empathy and mutual respect among students. The Teachers Workshop serves as an essential stepping stone in the journey towards a more peaceful educational environment. By equipping educators with the tools and knowledge to teach peace effectively, DEPA aims to sow the seeds of change from the ground up, starting in the classroom.


The primary goal of the Teachers Workshop was to engage educators teaching Life Orientation in low-income schools to share experiences and collaborate on effective methods for teaching peace in the classroom.

Participant Selection

Teachers from schools classified as low-income were invited to participate. Selection was based on their current roles in teaching Life Orientation and willingness to engage in the workshop.

Data Collection

Interactive Sessions: The workshop featured interactive activities and discussions between teachers and DEPA experts, focusing on experiences and challenges in teaching peace.

Framework Development: Participants collaboratively worked on developing a practical framework for teaching peace in their respective classrooms.

Data Analysis

Qualitative Feedback: Teachers' input during interactive sessions was documented for thematic analysis.

Framework Assessment: The developed framework was reviewed and refined based on participants' expertise and suggestions.